Absolute quality and detailed control. 100% made by BTK.

We focus our attention on quality and safety, subjecting all medical devices to rigorous analysis and totally removing any risk of infection, contamination or rejection, ensuring each one to meet the highest standards of quality.

We use the most advanced systems for design, production and control, in order to optimize our production systems and delete any possibility of errors or defects.

All BTK - the smile system medical devices are certifi ed through EC-mark, according to Directive 93/42/EEC – Annex II (our directive 2007/47/EC).

Specific monitoring of all production processes through the use of bar codes means that our devices are completely and continuously traceable.

Our strict quality inspections give you the best possible guarantee of reliability.


BTK - the smile system
3.000 m2 of production area
Automated control and verifi cation systems
Plasma decontamination laboratories



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