BTK TOOLS, milling tools

for state-of-the-art prosthodontic laboratories.


CAD CAM digitalisation and production of dental prosthesis are the future of orthodontic processing:

Biotec, leader in the production of medical devices for dentistry and prosthodontic laboratories for over

two decades, provides support to professional dentist technicians along with the renowned  BTK TOOLS,

the cutting edge range of milling instruments available on the market.


 BTK TOOLS, include state-of-the-art devices characterised by their high-tech content and special features

which minimise wear and tear: tools designed to work in situations where extreme precision is critical, ideal

for the processing of materials such as titanium, cobalt chromium, PMMA and zirconia (zirconium dioxide).


Professionals using btk tools are able to express their milling skills to the full thanks to the excellent quality of the tools at their disposal.

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