The best dental implant
for high aesthetic areas.

To meet the patient’s aesthetic demand is crucial for the success
of the treatment of implants in the anterior maxilla. The gray color
of a dental implant that shows through the peri-implant mucosa
has been documented in scientific literature .

The grey transparency due to the retraction of peri-implant soft tissues,
which lead to the exposure of the metal cuff of the prosthesis or of the implant
collar is one of the most common aesthetic complications which can incur after
an implant treatment in aesthetic area, which necessarily lead to failure
in terms of aesthetic results, specially in patients with thin gingival biotype.
With the ISY KONE 2.9 “PINK COLLAR” the problem of the gray shade of traditional
titanium implants is finally solved, thanks to a natural pink colour on the collar designed
to simulate the peri-implant mucosa and to preserve the aesthetics of the smile line
after an implant therapy.

ISY KONE 2.9 “PINK COLLAR” helps the maintenance of the natural aesthetic
appearance in the long term, contributing positively to the overall aesthetic result
of an implant placed in the anterior areas.

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